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Please note that for textbooks, it is extremely important that you know the isbn of the book you want. Many different versions of a textbook are printed with the same cover (different editions, special state editions, etc). You can search by isbn in the upper left corner of this page.


For multiple copies of the same title, search first by isbn, then click the 'view more info' link to see how many copies we have on hand.  The drop down menu will allow you to select up to however many we have on hand. 


School PO's are accepted for orders greater than $200 including shipping.  Order must be placed on internet, please be sure to include the PO number in the comments section.  Terms and conditions and other stipulations are as specified on this site, not to be superseded by terms and conditions and other stipulations in the PO paperwork.  Thus, we do not require a copy of the PO paperwork.  You will receive a copy of the order showing total amount via the 'Bill To' email address listed on the order.  When the order is prepared for shipment you will receive a second email letting you know it has shipped.  When you receive the books, it is your responsibility to submit the information received in the email to your treasurer for payment.  Please have checks made out to Quality School Texts, and mailed to 1930 Fulton Drive, Coshocton, Oh 43812.  We do not send an additional invoice.  This helps us keep our support staff/overhead very low in order to keep the book prices as low as possible.


PO's received for orders not previously placed on internet will not be processed.